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Barcelona Diary: Day 1

We left beloved Paris and headed to the next city on our itinerary: Barcelona!!! The first thing we did after checking in to our AirBNB apartment, was head to La Bouqueria for some fresh food! There was SO much to see and drool over, and of all the things I decided to try first, was Dragon Fruit because I've never had it before. While it was good and juicy to eat in the warm weather, it wasn't as flavorful as I thought it would be. We also bought some fresh squeezed juice and some more fruit to take along with us as we explored Las Ramblas (which is right next to where we were staying). We were a bit exhuasted from travelling (even though it was only a one hour flight from Paris), but we had slept for maybe an hour before leaving our Paris apartment around 3am (as some Parisians were just stumbling home). We enjoyed the nice weather out on the terrace of our apartment, took a nap, and then headed out for dinner. We went to Cerveceria Catalana for dinner, a restaurant that Irwin found via Yelp, and it definitely did not disappoint. When we arrived, it was packed, but after 10 minutes we were able to grab two seats at the bar and order our food. This turned out to be the best place because the servers at the bar were Filipino, so we got along very easily with them. It was still a trip to hear them switch between Tagalog and Spanish, but still so cool at the same time. The food was absolutely DELICIOUS there - smoked salmon, chipirones, Camembert Crujiente (crispy Camembert covered in almonds and jam-SO GOOD), cabreaos (eggs and sauce over fries-my FAVORITE), patatas bravas, padrones (these really good peppers), and dessert was crema catalana, which is basically like creme brulee but the consistency is even thicker. Everything was just so good, and of course we downed everything in a pitcher of Sangria. We were SO happy to have found this place, and it was a nice 15 minute walk from our apartment, so at least we walked off any feeling of overstuffness we were feeling. Perfect first day in this new city.

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