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Paris Diary: the Day After

I was pretty much walking on clouds ALL day following Irwin's proposal. We decided to venture out to Trocadero to get a better view of the Eiffel Tower on our last day in the City of Lights (and love). I woke up to a message from Ai (after I had woken her up much too early to let her know it happened). Then we went across the way to Paul's for some delicious fresh pastries, and headed on our way to Trocadero. We first went back to the Love Lock Bridge to take pictures of the proposal spot during the day, and to take one last picture of our lock. Then we headed off to Trocadero, walking at a leisurely place since I really wanted to absorb whatever I could on our last day. That and I was just so happy, I was enjoying the moment. We finally arrived at Trocadero, along with a billion other tourists, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves on the steps with some lemonade and people watch. There were tons of people taking pictures with the Eiffel Tower in the background, and the group that caught our eye were these cutely dressed Asian girls who were posing like they were modeling their clothes- I couldn't actually tell if they were models, I think they were really just having fun which was cute and funny. We also decided it would be the best time to take our Instagram engagement announcement photos, and the picture came out beautifully! We lounged around so more, and then walked through some gardens, and made our way back to the apartment to pack and sleep early for our early morning flight the next day.

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