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Paris Diary: Day 3

Once again, we had a late start to our day.. still not a bad thing though. We decided to try and find some place to eat for lunch near us, and we ended up at this little cafe just a few blocks from our apartment. I completely forget the name of it now, but it was so cute! The food was delicious too. I had beef tartare with pomme frites and a side salad, and Irwin ordered the onion soup. Both were completely yummy, if not a little too rich. So with our bellies full, we decided to do more exploring. There were so many quaint little shops hidden among the numerous alleys, and I even spotted one called "San Francisco Book Co" which of course I had to take a picture of. I also spotted an Isabel Marant store, but since I wanted to do more exploring, I didn't go in (I probably would have walked out with something if I had..). 

We then decided to find Laduree because we knew there was one near us as well, and I can't even explain how incredibly happy I was to be there. The shop is SO cute. The whole place looks like a cute little cupcake. I ended up ordering the mixed box of 24 macarons so that I could try each flavor and then some. Irwin was laughing at how giddy I was- it was like my dessert version of Disneyland. 

Afterwards, we took the metro to Sacre Coeur, this beautiful basilica just on the outskirts of Paris. We passed by a school on the way, and saw the most adorable French children coming out to greet their waiting parents outside the school doors. We took so many pictures of the church, and the views from the church, but once inside, we weren't allowed to take any pictures. I did manage to buy some souvenirs for our parents, and I even bought a rose shaped gold charm to add to my necklace. On the back of it is the Sacred Heart.. very understated and so beautiful. We stayed inside for quite some time, partly to enjoy the solitude and silence in this grand and historic building, and partly because it was so hot outside! Once we went out, I took my friend's advice and decided to relax on the steps (sans wine and a baguette) and soak in the view. Plenty of other people had that idea as well, and we were all trying to stay under the shade of a tree. 

We finally decided to head back so that we could relax a little at the apartment, and change for dinner. Irwin really had his heart set on trying out this place, Chez Gladines, because they were famous for serving our version of southern comfort food. We got there early, at around 6, but it was already packed with people. We were able to squeeze into a table for two, but we were so close to each other we could have joined other people's conversations. We definitely didn't mind though because we could see the yummy food that everyone was ordering. I also wanted to try escargot while we were in Paris, so I figured now would be a good time. So I was expecting to just be able to order it in the traditional butter and parsley sauce, but they served it differently. The waitress was kind enough to explain to us what the three different types of escargot there was, so I ordered the escargot cassolette basque (but I completely forget why). As I took my first bite, I didn't think it tasted bad.. but then the sauce flavor started going away and then all I could taste was... snail. Irwin was definitely not impressed hahaha and I think he may have even spit it out (discreetly of course). I attempted to try 2 more just to see if I could get used to it.. but no. No go for me too. We ended up just using our bread to dip into the sauce because the sauce was good by itself. Oh well, at least we tried haha.

When we left, we decided to go for a walk from the metro to the Love Lock Bridge (formally known as the Pont des Arts Bridge). The weather was beautiful for a walk, and the streets of Paris were just stunning as they were lit by typical Parisian style street lamps. There was something just comforting about walking around there, and maybe I was being naiive then, but I just felt safe. So we made it to the bridge, but there were so many people there, some people having picnics and playing music, and while it was cool to see, we wanted it to be a bit more romantic. So Irwin suggested that we go home and come back after midnight when there would be less people. I didn't mind, so we went back and I caught up with friends via email and Facebook chat on how our Paris adventures were going. 

I had no idea what Irwin had in mind for later that evening...

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