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Paris Diary: The Proposal

(Continued from the previous post) ... So we waited and managed to stay awake past midnight, and walked the two blocks from our apartment back to the bridge. By then most of the people had left, but there were still more than we thought would be there around that time. So we looked over the bridge, admired the view of the Eiffel Tower shining its light all around the city.. watching the people along the side of the river.. couples having a romantic moment.. friends laughing and drinking (and me wondering if anyone ever fell into the water from being too drunk while sitting at the edge of the canal).. and then I realized- we didn't have a lock to put on the bridge! I had been telling Irwin earlier that maybe we should buy a lock every time we passed by a vendor, but he kept saying the vendors on the bridge are there all the time.. except after midnight apparently. The vendors were gone so I was worried that we may not have enough time to get a lock tomorrow to bring back to the bridge. 

So Irwin said "Actually... I have a lock" and proceeded to put a lock in my hand.. with a very special ring attached to it. 

The next few minutes were a bit of a blur, and repeats of "OMG are you serious?? OMG OMG OMG" And at one point I had to ask him to repeat the question because in my excitement I didn't remember him asking (which he did, and apparently I said yes haha). No crying though, I was just so elated. I was in freaking Paris and Irwin just proposed- it really couldn't get any better than that. And of course we fell back into our usual antics and joked around too much. We definitely tried to capture the moment as much as possible, and thankfully my regular camera was still in my purse. Shortly after the proposal, the lights on the Eiffel Tower started twinkling, and I was just beyond words. I couldn't help but stop and stare and just feel the magic of this city taking over me. I drank it allllll in.. put our lock on the bridge, and threw the key into the river. 

I was walking on cloud 9 all the way back to the apartment, and of course once inside, I couldn't wait to FaceTime/call/FB message my family and closest friends. My parents already knew of course, Irwin had asked them for permission before we left, and they were so happy. Irwin's mom knew, but Irwin's dad was happily surprised (he can't keep secrets so Irwin had to let him wait haha). My brother knew and was elated when he found out on FB messenger. I frantically called my 3 BFF's and even woke up Ai in Japan, but I had to let them know before we announced it to the world! Irwin also managed to tell his brother, sister while were in Yosemite, so they finally got to be openly excited for us when we told them. 

I had a hard time sleeping that night because I was so excited, and I couldn't stop staring at my ring! So beautiful, and it was one of three ring styles I picked out, and I think Irwin made the perfect choice. 

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